The Man Behind The Keyboard

Hello, I’m Neil! I can remember having the entrepreneurial spirit ever since selling chocolate candy bars door-to-door as a 5 year old kid.  I was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana around the RV capital of the world and some other famous auto-manufacturers.  Received my Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing at Indiana University South Bend.

What training do you have as a copywriter?

I have completed courses/training from the Expert Copywriters at AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) “Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy” and other AWAI Business-to-Business courses covering Case Studies, White Papers, Emails, Websites, E-newsletters, Press Releases and other materials. These courses were created by highly respected B2B copywriters that have mastered their craft with each instructor having 10+ years experience in their B2B copywriting field (including Steve Slaunwhite, Bob Bly, Gordon Graham, Ed Gandia, and others). That means I learned from the best, so you can rest assured I know what I’m doing.  Also, I'm a member of the Professional Writer's Alliance.  I always keep up with the latest trends in the Manufacturing Industry and the latest trends of what is working best in B2B Copywriting and Marketing.

Why did you choose to become a copywriter?

Over the last 10 years, I read and applied every practical book and course on human psychology, influence, persuasion, and communication that I could get my hands on.  I was on a quest to better understand other people, myself, and the psychology behind people’s purchasing decisions.   In the process of studying these topics, I realized the tremendous power of words and language which led to my interest in copywriting.  What I learned throughout those years was invaluable at helping me better understand and communicate with others, be more persuasive, influential, and a better salesman.  These skills coupled with the best copywriting training around helped me transition to copywriting.  

What drew you to the Manufacturing Industry?

I would always see my dad and brother working on and fixing just about every highly technical mechanical and electronic item imaginable.  This fostered my curiosity as to how exactly things are made.  I wondered how all the things that make modern society possible were made and that piqued my interest in this field.  

What do clients like most about working with you?

My reliability and ability to consistently meet deadlines (even if they are tight) and write copy that gets results.  They ask, I deliver.  They appreciate my friendly and professional attitude that makes me easy to work with.

Neil Loughridge